29 July 2010

I Aintn't Dead

Despite the lack of posting, there's nothing wrong with either us or the telescopes! It's just winter, and bad skies, and too much being tired.

We did get out last Friday and observe the very-nearly-full moon for a while, nearly burning our retinas in the process. I knew it was bright - very bright - but it wasn't until I looked away and realised that the yard looked quite different depending on which eye I used that I realised HOW bright! (With the observing eye, the place looked very dark; with the non-observing eye, it looked like all the lights were on.)

I've been running in the morning and noticing that we've had some spectacularly clear mornings, with Jupiter way up high, so we're hoping that we can try and get in some morning observations in the next little while. That requires a bit of jigging with the bike riding and running schedule, but it might be doable....